Feb 10

We are 100 days smarter in Presentation school.

We celebrated 100 days in school on Thursday February 9th. There was lots of fun and games including a magic show and a school disco!!


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Feb 08

Maths Eyes poster competition.

Here are the winners of the Maths Eyes poster Competition for January 2017

organised by Miss Manny.



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Peace Proms

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Open Day 2017


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Dec 19

Maths Eyes Poster Competition organised by Ms Manny.

davGrace McGrath with her maths prize.bstNicole Chere picking a winner for the Maths Competition.davSophie Walsh picking a winner for the maths poster competition.

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Dec 16

Christmas .

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Room 1’s Yoga Mannequin Challenge

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Dec 07

Congratulations to the Winners of the Global Citizenship: Litter and Waste Colouring Competition

The winners were congratulated with a certificate and a prize.The winning entries are on display in the PE Hall.Well done to all!

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Dec 05

Board of Management- Agreed Report 29/11/2016

Agreed Report of the Board of Management Meeting, Presentation Senior School, Wednesday 29th November

  • The Board welcomed the appointment of Mr. Peter Kelly to the staff of Presentation Senior
  • The finances of Presentation Senior School were reviewed and discussed.
  • Fr. Padraig thanked the children, teachers and choirs for their contribution to the Presentation Day Mass. He felt the mass was a wonderful tribute to the life Nano Nagle.
  • Fr. Padraig also thanked Miss Denieffe and her choir for their involvement in the success of his jubilee celebrations on October 1st last.
  • The Board were informed that the school choir will be singing for charity in aid of TEAM on Thursday 15th, December in Harbour Place Shopping Centre ´@ 3pm

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Nov 24

Global Citizenship Litter and Waste and Challenge to Change Wall Murals

recycling mural map mural

What a change! Presentation JNS have added two wonderful wall murals to the school.These were painted by Julien.These were done to highlight the work going on in the school as part of Global Citizenship:Litter and Waste (Green Schools) and The Challenge to Change Project (Presentation ) which focuses on development education.

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Oct 31

Halloween fun and Dress up day for Barnardos.

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Oct 02

Westmeath Schools cross country event.

Congratulations and well done to all the boys and girls who participated in the cross country event at Belvedere on Wednesday September 28th 2016.IMG_1916crosscountry2IMG_1921crosscountry5IMG_1918cross country3crosscountry9crosscountry8

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Sep 27


AGM 2016 (1)-1

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Sep 27

Coffee Morning

coffee morning invite-1

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Sep 27

Invitation for Parents

A series of talks for parents will be taking place in Presentation Senior School over November and December. These talks will be given by Helen Butler from the National Parents Council. Parents are invited to attend  the talks which will take place on the following dates from 7pm to 8.30pm:

  • Anti-Bullying- November 10th
  • Preparation for Second Level- November 17th
  • Internet Safety -November 24th
  • Supporting parents to support their child’s mental health – December 1st

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Sep 11

Walk on Wednesday 2016-2017 Calendar for Junior School

wow calendar 2016 2017

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Aug 17

School Closures 2016-2017

School Closures 2016-2017(1)

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Jun 21

Presentation Schools 5K Walk/Run has been postponed until further notice

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Jun 19

The” Celtic Blondes”, Daisy and Rose facilitated a dance workshop in Presentation.Here are some pictures of the boys and girls in First class..







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Jun 15

Getting Ready for our 5K!


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Jun 15

Board Of Management – Agree Report 7/6/2016

At the most recent Board of Management meeting for Presentation Senior School:

  • The school’s finances were discussed
  • New applications and enrolment for the new 2016/17 school year were discussed
  • Mr. Fry reported on the visit of the company Zeeko to talk with our pupils, teachers and parents on the subject of cyber bullying and internet safety.
  • Mr. Fry asked for any possible assistance with our upcoming 5k road race/fun run on June 22nd at 7pm.
  • Class assignments for the new year were discussed.
  • The Board will be reviewing the school’s Code of Behaviour for the next meeting

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Jun 13

Presentation Schools 5K Race and Family fun run/walk Wednesday 22nd June, registration from 5.30pm


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May 30

Junior School Green Schools Committee present the new pennants

IMG_0010 IMG_0013

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May 13

Presentation JNS attend Challenge to Change in Tullamore

Challenge to Change 2016

All of The Green Schools Committee attended The Challenge to Change Project in Tullamore on 11th May, 2016.
It was a wonderful day. The children presented their project on Biodiversity/Garden for Life.
They were excellent. Well Done to all!

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May 10

Presentation Junior School Were Awarded Their 5th Green Flag For Biodiversity Today

green flag award

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Apr 15

Green Bee Education visit Presentation. This workshop was organised by Mrs Gavin.

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Apr 03

Presentation Senior School Easter Raffle Winners


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Mar 23

Celebrating Proclamation day and Lá Glas

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Mar 14

Seachtain na Gaeilge

Having fun during Seachtain na GaeilgeSAM_1365SAM_1309




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Feb 17

Board of Management Meeting 16/02/2016- Agreed Report

  • The school finances were discussed.
  • The schools enrolment policy was reviewed and discussed.
  • Enrolment for the following year 2016/2017 was discussed.
  • The principal Mr Fry conveyed his thanks to the staff  for their huge efforts in ensuring the success of our recent Open Night and Grandparents Day.

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Feb 08

Celebrating 100 days in school today!!

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Feb 03

The January Maths Hubs Winners Organised By Ms. Manny

maths maths2

Congratulations to the 2nd class winners of the January Maths Hub competition organised by Ms. Manny.

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Feb 02

4th Class Room 18 Miss Daly


Our Saint Brigid Crosses.




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Feb 02

4th Class Room 18 Miss Daly


Our class completed a project to show how much sugar is in the food we eat everyday for breakfast and lunch.




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Jan 29

Senior School Open Night

Presentation Senior School Open Night

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