Green Schools News

Energy Workshop


In April we took part in a Green Schools competition, drawing and colouring posters about the environment. The good news is that Amy Kelly in rm. 7 won a lovely prize for herself and for the 5th classes.


Amy won a 25 euro voucher and her poster will be included on a County Council calendar. Amy also won an energy workshop for the 5th classes.


Tuesday June 3rd. We enjoyed this workshop given by Vincent English. We learned that fossil fuels like coal, gas and turf are adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and cause global warming. We also learned that nuclear gas is not a fossil fuel.


Solar panels are able to be used in Ireland. Even without heat, the rain helps them work.


Electrolysis is a big word but only means to break water apart. Vincent used electrolysis to make a small toy car move. He took the gas out of the water and explained all about H +H+O and atoms and neutrons.


We learned lots of Science as well as Geography. It was a great workshop and we all enjoyed it very much.


Other News:

Our Green Schools committee have been very busy discussing ways we can help the environment and encouraging litter and waste awareness. We took part in An Taisce Spring Clean.



On Wednesday June the 18th, there is a Cycle To School day. Details on routes and times will be given out in the coming days. So have your helmet and high- vis vest ready!


Written by: Hannah Dorr

Rhea Irwin