Presentation Senior School

Board of Management Meeting – November 30th, 2021

Agreed Report

1. The finances of the school were discussed.

2. Our school enrolment currently stands at 322 pupils.

3. Mr. Fry informed the Board that new furniture and benches for the school yard
purchased during the summer months have finally arrived and make a lovely addition to
our school yards.
4. Mr. Fry welcomed Mr. Darragh McCormack and Ms. Gerardine Fahy to the teaching staff
following interviews in October. He also congratulated Ms. Tracey Kelly on joining us as
an SNA. We are lucky to have them all.

5. Mr. Fry informed the Board that a fundraiser for a Lucas Kovacic in our ASD class raised
over €800 at Hallowe’en.

6. PLC Half – Day: Friday December 3 rd : Mr. Fry informed the Board that the school will
close on Friday next to accommodate teachers watching a Webinar on the new Primary
Language Curriculum..