The text below was emailed to all parents/guardians on Friday 28th February 2014.

Anti-Bullying Policy Draft

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I wish to very sincerely thank all of you who attended the anti-bullying seminar in the school on Tuesday last. The feedback was very positive. I completely understand that it was not possible for everyone to attend.

At the seminar, I promised to email all parents/guardians a draft copy of the school’s revised anti-bullying policy. I am sorry I did not send it out on Wednesday as promised.

The draft Anti-Bullying policy is attached to this email and and I am hoping to get your feedback in advance of the next Board of Management meeting on Tuesday 4th March. This is very short notice for you but I hope you will remember that I already sent out the draft policy before Christmas and invited feedback. Thank-you to those who sent in the feedback.The draft document attached contains some changes as it includes recommendations made by our Parent/Guardian Association committee.

All teachers were asked to discuss bullying with the children in their class this week with a specific focus on what the children should do if they feel they are being bullied. I would really like if you would ask your child to tell you what they learned in school this week about bullying.

It is so important to me that our school is completely safe for all of the children and staff. If you feel your child is being bullied and she/he is unable or afraid to tell someone at school, please make an appointment to meet with the class teacher to raise the issue promptly. I give you my very sincere commitment that all cases of bullying in our school will be investigated thoroughly and without delay. It is imperative that your child is happy and safe in our school.

Please feel free to email your feedback in relation to the draft policy attached to

Yours faithfully,

Michael Tunney