As part of the SESE curriculum, 6 TH Class in Room 7 got the opportunity to take part in a
biodiversity project for three days in March.
The theme of the project was ‘ Our Place, Our Life: Nature in Our Locality’
It was facilitated by Ms. Goska Wilkowska and sponsored by Nature’s PATCH Network
A field trip took pupils to the Woodtown Bog, Lough Owel and then to the Royal Canal and
the New Greenway, to explore, compare and contrast the biodiversity of these habitats.
One of the highlights for pupils was finding frogspawn in Woodtown bog as many children
had never seen frogspawn in its natural habitat before!
Under the guidance of Ms.Wilkowska, pupils have compiled a booklet based on the field
trip, which will be printed shortly.
This project, especially the fieldtrip, increased pupils’ awareness and appreciation of the
wonderful natural habitats and biodiversity we have on our doorstep in Mullingar.
Indeed, we are grateful to Ms. Wilkowska and Nature PATCH Network for affording these
pupils this learning opportunity.