Hello. My name is Farah and I am in sixth class. On Wednesday 4th of December, Maria (4th Class) and I are going to Pegli, Genoa in Italy with four teachers, Ms. Burke, Ms. Daly, Ms. Regan and Ms. Claffey. On Thursday,  Maria and I are having a tour and lunch at Alessi School. After lunch, we will be walking to Emanuelli School. There we will be doing an activity with Italian students, families and teachers. We will also be having dinner with them. On Friday, we are visiting Villa Rosa School. There we will be doing activities in the classrooms. After lunch, we will be watching a Christmas Concert in Villa Rosa. On Saturday, we are going to Genoa by train, where we will have a guided tour of the city centre. When we go back to Pegli, we will go for pizza. On Sunday we are returning to Ireland.