Fifth class pupils from Room 9 and Paul from Room 14 have been involved in the Dissolving Boundaries programme this year. Dissolving Boundaries is a cross border project where a school in The Republic with a school in Northern Ireland work collaboratively throughout the year. This is Presentation Senior School’s third year linked with Parkhall Primary School in Antrim. The classes have emailed and video conferenced each other during the year. They completed a joint project on ‘Homes through the ages’ and have set up a ‘wiki’ which is an informative website. In April we enjoyed a wonderful day trip together. Both classes went to Tanagh Outdoor Education Centre in Monaghan to meet face to face and partook in team building activities like canoeing, orienteering and a mud slide. This really strengthened the bond between the groups.

May 16th was Dissolving Boundaries day. Our partnership was extremely lucky to be chosen to take part in a live presentation about our experiences working together in Dundalk IT. Three girls from Presentation Anda Baltag, Jenna Mulligan and Aoife Shaw represented our class wonderfully alongside Max, Jodie and Karl from Parkhall. The presentation was broadcast all over Ireland to other schools taking part in the project. The rest of the girls from Room 9 were able to tune in to watch their classmates on the big screen! Anda was taken to the green room in the studio after the presentation for a follow up interview which was also broadcast live. We were shown around the TV broadcast van and saw all of the cameras, microphones and editing equipment. We were all so proud of Anda, Jenna and Aoife for their amazing presentation and of the rest of the class who helped with the PowerPoint. Well done everyone!  A big thank you to the team from NUI Maynooth who coordinate the project for the Department of Education