School Self Evaluation (SSE) – Literacy and Numeracy


During the 2013/2014 school year, we focused on teaching and learning in the area of literacy for the School Self Evaluation (SSE) process. We are continuing to progress this work. Parents/guardians should be aware of the following:

  • The Write a Book project will be undertaken later this year. Access to the school library will soon be organised for all classes.
  • We have introduced a new improved system for staff and students to scan books in and out of the library.
  • Children in the fourth classes are using the Accelerated Reading programme to help them choose books in the school library that are suitable for their reading age.
  • Children who would like to use the Lexia Reading programme should ask their class teacher for a user name and password. This is a fantastic online reading programme which is suitable for children of all reading ages.
  • The children are strongly encouraged to make use of the online reading programme, Reading Eggs.


For the 2014/2015, we are implementing a School Improvement Plan (SIP) for numeracy to address the issues raised in feedback received last spring from students, parents/guardians and teachers. We have set targets to improve student performance in the areas of Shape and Space and Problem Solving.

In order to collaboratively involve parents/guardians with us in the SSE process, we are asking you to:

  • Encourage your child to use the Mathletics programme every day for a couple of minutes. In particular, it would be fantastic if you would help your child to focus on the Shape & Space strand and the Measure strand.
  • Ask your child to explain how s/he uses the RUCSAC problem solving strategy to solve mathematical problems.
  • Help your child to solve the ‘Problem of the Week’ which is discussed in all classes every week.
  • Help your child to understand and use the language of maths e.g. add, subtract, divide, multiply, equal to, less than, greater than etc

Green School Programme – Biodiversity

The Green School committee is working on the theme of biodiversity this year. Please check the website for regular updates.


The girls’ football team has improved greatly over the year. We played Moate NS, Mount Temple NS and are waiting to play Baylin NS in the coming weeks. A win against Baylin will see us through to the semi-finals of the Cumann na mBunscoil competition. We look forward to continuing our training with our eyes firmly fixed on securing that semi- final spot.

The boys’ football squad numbering over twenty are also training in the Harbour field every Wednesday since the beginning of term. Let’s hope all their hard work results in a great game against St Mary’s in the New Year.


The school choir is participating in the Young Voices Hallelujah concert in City West next Wednesday 3rd December. A group of children from the third and fourth classes are participating in the Music Generation workshops on Wednesday afternoons. Tin whistle lessons take place after school on Tuesday evenings.

Attendance and Punctuality

Parents/guardians are reminded that school starts at 8:50am sharp. We expect all children to be in the back yard when the first bell sounds at 8:47am. At this time, the children line up and wait for their teacher to collect them from the yard. Children who arrive after 8:50 are recorded as late in our student management system.

Presentation Day

We are extremely grateful to all of the parents/guardians who attended mass in the Cathedral on Friday last 21st November. The Presentation Sisters were so pleased with the gratitude and warm wishes they received from everyone. The children were so exceptionally well behaved at mass and worked so hard to help us prepare the school for the event. We are so fortunate to have such capable and co-operative students in our school.

Parent/Teacher Meetings

At this stage, all parents/guardians should have attended parent/teacher meetings. If you were unable to attend the scheduled meeting, please contact the school to make an appointment to meet with your child’s class teacher.


We are deeply grateful to the children and their parents/guardians for making such a big effort to wear the school uniform. The image of our school is enhanced very significantly when all of the children wear the correct school uniform every day.


Homework is given by teachers to consolidate learning that has taken place in school. It is vital that parents/guardians talk to their children about their homework and encourage them to complete it to a very high standard.

Collection at 2:30pm

Parents/guardians are fantastic for collecting children at 2:30pm each evening and we really appreciate their diligence. I wish to remind parents/guardians that all children who have not been picked up at 2:30pm are asked to report to the secretary’s office, where they will be required to wait until they are collected.


At every assembly the children are reminded to report incidents of bullying to their class teacher. They are also explicitly told to report incidents of bullying to their parents/guardians. If you feel your child is being bullied or hurt by another person in our school, please make an appointment to meet with the class teacher. All reports of bullying will be thoroughly investigated.

Child Protection

All members of our school community are reminded that the Principal Teacher (M. Tunney) is the designated liaison person for child protection.


In conjunction with the Parent/Guardian Association committee, we have organised a Cyberbullying Talk for parents/guardians in the school assembly hall at 7pm on Tuesday 20th January. This is a great opportunity for parents/guardians to become familiar with some of the risks children are exposed to when using the Internet.

Christmas Raffle

Raffle Cards for the Christmas draw will be distributed this week. As in previous years, the money will be used to reduce costs to parents/guardians for extra-curricular activities e.g. dance and gymnastics. First prize is an iPad Mini. We would be very grateful if all parents/guardians and their children would support this vital fundraiser.

School Website and School Calendar

All parents/guardians are advised to check the website regularly to keep up to date with school events and activities. All staff members are asked to enter details of school events on the calendar published on the website.

Improvements to the School Building

We are hoping that the new boys’ toilets, currently under construction, will be completed in the during the Christmas holidays. The improvements to the back yard, including the mural on the boundary wall, will be completed before the end of June.

School Payments

We are sincerely grateful to all the parents/guardians who have fully paid the unavoidable fees on the school booklists. Those who have not paid the fees in full are asked to make the final payments as soon as possible.



Michael Tunney