Copy of email sent to all parents/guardians on Friday 13th Feb.

Please let Abbi/Dympna know if you are not receiving emails from the school.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

New school policies have been drafted in relation to the following:

  • Administration of Medicines in School
  • Mobile Phones and Mobile Devices

Copies of these documents may be downloaded from the website. Parents/guardians may use the form on the front page of the school website to submit feedback in relation to the draft documents.

There is also a form on the school website for students who wish to offer feedback in relation to the draft Mobile Devices Policy. In order to view and submit the form, students must be logged into their school email account (Presentation Mullingar – Google Apps for Education account).

All feedback received will be shared with the school’s Board of Management.

Yours faithfully,

Michel Tunney