Green School News

Wednesday 18th June was cycle to school day.
This was organised as part of National Bike Week and luckily it was a lovely sunny morning.
Ms.Moore also joined 14 girls from the school who enjoyed the exercise and were part of 5,000 pupils taking part, cycling to school all over Ireland.
Some classes came out to welcome us as we arrived at the school and gave us a cheer and a big clap. Well done to the following:
Jagna Kowalczyk,
Aisling Connolly, Natalia Reilly
Hannah Dorr, Jessica Toal
Mia Gilligan, Chloe Hussey
Shauna Creevy, Alice Dilo
Linda Jurkastokw, Katlin Bulusova
Patricia Geszczak, Wiktoria Gagol
Agnes Koloczek, Chloe Mc Caffrey

Our Green Schools Committee members are very busy trying to keep our environment clean and healthy.
We ask you to continue to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, turn off taps and lights, walk or cycle when you can and keep our school litter free.
Thank you for your support.
Green School Committee


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