Here are some things the Green Schools Committee want to let you know about their Biodiversity plans.
Do you know what Biodiversity is?
Can you say what Biodiversity means?
‘Biodiversity the variation of all life forms from the tiniest of bugs, to the plants they feed on, to the biggest whales in the sea. Biodiversity keep us alive, therefore, it is vital we conserve it.’

Here are some forthcoming events to go with Biodiversity:
The committee will be teaching each class how to identify 10 garden birds. There will be bird feeders put up around the school and you will be able to see them then.
When everyone can identify the birds we will give a quiz on them.
Also, this week Enda Bannon from Birdwatch Ireland will give a talk about birds and their importance in the Biodiversity chain.
There will also be a Christmas card competition with a biodiversity theme.
There will be a bug hotel put in at the back of room 12.
There will be flowers planted around the school like daffodils and mixed bulbs etc.