Presentation Junior School held their registration evening on Tuesday 20th May. A short talk about school and school routine was given by Mrs. Beddows. We thank all the parents who attended and we wish to remind you about the invitation to the new Junior Infant children to meet their class teacher on Tuesday 10th June between 1.45 and 2.30 pm.

The following General Tips for parents were discussed at our registration evening:

Golden Rules
• Be gentle
• Be kind and helpful
• Be honest
• Work hard
• Look after property

In the Playground
• We are gentle.
• We are kind and helpful.
• We are honest.
• We listen to people.
• We play well together.
• We keep the playground safety rules.
• We care for the playground.

General Tips
• Children up to the age of six need to be in bed very early in order to be ready to learn
• A healthy breakfast is essential for optimum learning
• If your child is absent from school, please write a note to let us know the reason for absence. You will receive a letter to inform you of days missed. After 20 days a report has to be sent to the NEWB
• A healthy lunch is very important. It is a good idea to buy a lunchbox before school starts so that your child can open and close it easily. Please make sure the lunchbox has your child’s name on it.
• It is such an achievement for your child to put on a coat and close it. This is a skill in itself. So many coats look alike, it is very important to put your child’s name on the tag.
• A routine of reading stories to your child is a great idea. It is vitally important for your child’s interest in books and reading.
• A school bag needs to be big enough to carry a homework folder.
• The first day begins at 10 o’clock and ends at 12 o’clock.
• You will have an opportunity to buy the school tracksuit when you come to meet the teacher on 10th June.
• A change of clothes in a bag with your child’s name would be appreciated. This will be kept in school in case of toileting accidents.

Thank you for coming to your first meeting as a parent in our school