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Letter to Parents/Guardians from Fr. Padraig McMahon (Chairperson Board of Management, Presentation Junior and Senior Schools)


Dear Parents,

In the past year, the Boards of Management of Presentation Junior and Senior schools have met together on a number of occasions and accordingly:

  • Since September boys and girls can now enrol in Presentation and complete primary school moving from the Junior school to Senior. Teachers from both schools have been working to simplify the transition of pupils from the Junior to Senior school and with your assistance we hope to make this process simpler.
  • The schools now share a uniform with the updated school crest; a gradual phase-in of the new uniform for all children will continue with your support in the coming months.
  • Our schools now share a website where you can view some of the children’s work and keep up to date with the latest news and happenings.
  • The children and staff of the schools have joined together for feast day and other celebrations; our New School Year Mass took place in October, Presentation Day Liturgy took place today and you and your family are invited to our Carol Service in the Cathedral on Thursday 5th December at 7pm.
  • We are currently planning a shared Open Evening in 2014 when all parents are invited to view the facilities on offer in Presentation Junior and Senior schools.

Enrolment in all parish schools takes place in January, however to assist with planning for next September 2014, it would help us if you could complete the attached form and return it to the Junior School on or before Friday 29th November. Thank you for your support to Presentation Schools in Mullingar.



Fr. Padraig McMahon

Chairperson Board of Management, Presentation Junior & Senior Schools



Dear. Fr. McMahon,

(Parents of Girls and Boys in 1st Class)

I wish my child to remain in Presentation Junior for 2nd Class.       □

(Parents of Boys and Girls in 2nd Class)

I wish my child to automatically transfer to Presentation Senior for 3rd Class  □


Signed: __________________________________