Maths Winners

Thank you to everyone who drew a poster for the maths language competition. We had pictures using every letter of the alphabet. There were some wonderful drawings and it was very hard to choose. Well done to the following winners. Pictures to follow…
Room 2: Alana O’Connor Norris (T)
Room 13: Alexandra E (M)
Room 3: Ciara Flynn (C)
Room 7: Noor Shayoub (A)
Room 8: Nawal Faheem (H)
Room 9: Gabija Stankeviciute (S)
Room 11: Wiktoria (M)
Room 12 : Anna-Livia Dilo (J)

Congratulations to the brainteaser winners-
Sophie MG (Room 2) and Patrycja Geszczak (Room 11).
The answers were
15 handshakes and 22 children were standing in the circle.