The last meeting of the Parent/Guardian Association took place in the school on Tuesday 13th January. It was agreed that the following information would be communicated to all members of the school community:

  1. The total amount of money raised in the Christmas raffle was €3040. The committee members are deeply grateful to everyone in our school community for supporting the fundraiser.
  2. The association will help to organise a 5k run fundraiser in June 2015 if it is approved by the board of management.
  3. The association welcomed the opportunity to provide feedback in relation to the draft Healthy Eating Policy prepared by school staff.
  4. Parents/guardians who are interested in representing our school on one of the National Parents’ Council’s (NPC) special interest groups should complete the form on the front of the school website.
  5. The association’s committee will support the following school events by serving tea/coffee to parents/guardians in attendance – Cyberbullying Seminar, Open Evening, Grandparents’ Day