On Tuesday, April 1, 2014 7:28 PM, Michelle Davern <MDavern@npc.ie> wrote:

National Parents Council Primary Provides New Online Support for Parents

                                                                                                            1st April 2014

The National Parents Council Primary today launches its first Online Training support; “Parenting: Supporting your child to build healthy friendships and relationships” available at www.npc.ie

This is an interactive online session which enables parents to support and further develop their relationship with their child and their child’s relationship with others. Some of the topics covered in the session are:

  1. Active listening skills
  2. Children sharing their views on talking to parents
  3. Parents sharing listening experiences
  4. Relationships and Sexuality education at Primary school
  5. Relationships and Sexuality education – how it is taught to children with special educational needs

NPC CEO Áine Lynch says “We are delighted to launch our first online training support for parents. This session will give parents a flexible option to access NPC’s training supports, at a time and pace that suits them. This is a new method which NPC has now engaged with to reach parents, which will allow us to bring information to parents who may not be in a position to attend a “live” training session. We hope this session will be the first of many to come.”

You can access this session by going to New online support for Parents