The last meeting of the Parent/Guardian Association Committee took place in the school on Monday the 9th December at 8pm. It was agreed that the following report would be communicated publicly to all members of our school community.

  • A wonderful selection of prizes has been organised for the Christmas raffle. The committee is extremely grateful to those who donated prizes to the school.┬áThe raffle will take place in the school on Friday 20th December at 11am. Committee members will help Ms. Shaw and Ms. Denieffe to organise the event on that day. A list of prize winners will be published on the website on Friday 20th December before the school closes for the Christmas holidays.
  • The revised Anti-Bullying policy drafted by the Board of Management and staff was welcomed by the Parent/Guardian Association. Members of the committee requested that the policy includes procedures for formally recording all reported incidents of bullying and not just those which, on completion of the investigative procedures, have been found to constitute actual cases of bullying.
  • The committee will organise an anti-bullying talk for parents/guardians to be held before the February mid-term break. More information will be provided for parents/guardians in January 2014.
  • The committee will provide refreshments for parents/guardians who attend the Christmas performances on Thursday 19th December.