There was an electric buzz at our recent Science Day, on Friday 18th January, in Presentation Senior School Hall. Have a look at some of our budding scientists work. Well done all!

Electric quiz games by Room 3

Room 9 investigated the effects of exercise on the heart rate.

Room 23 are the solar system!

Mr Fry enjoying the action!

Making an indicator to detect an acid or base on the ph scale in Room 7.

We are all off sweets after Room 18 investigated ‘How many teaspoons of sugar’ were in some popular treats.

Food chains by Room 1

Electric quiz creators from Room 3

Room 2 investigated how much starch is in our food.

Building a boat and absorbency of paper from pupils in Room 6.

Room 14 wowed us with volcanoes, balloon propelled cars and the solar system.

Some questions on forces and friction by Room 17.

Flower power investigations by Room 8.

Room 13 made some crystals with salt.

Sound exploration by Room 11.

Density of liquids experiments by Room 12.