Board of Management Meeting
4th March 2014
Agreed Report for School Community

  1. The Board of Management wishes to very sincerely thank the children, staff and Parent/Guardian Association committee for all of the work undertaken to prepare the school for the open evening in January. It was agreed that the event was a fantastic success and the Board is very pleased that over seventy children have registered for September 2014.
  2. The Board of Management ratified the Anti-Bullying Policy and the Critical Incidents Policy. Some changes were made to the policy documents following feedback from the various school stakeholders. A copy of the Anti-Bullying policy will be available to all parents/guardians on the school website. Parents/Guardians who would like to view the critical incidents policy may request a copy from the secretary’s office.The Board of Management is extremely grateful to all those who participated in the policy formation process.
  3. It was agreed that the results of the school uniform survey would be published on the school website.
  4. The Board of Management welcomes the Comenius partners from Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Italy and France to our school during the last week of March.