The Presentation Junior and Senior Schools are participating in the Comenius Project this year. Ms. Burke and Ms. Daly from the senior school along with  Ms. Regan and Ms. Claffey from the junior school visited Valencia in Spain earlier this month.

The next part of the Comenius project involves Ms. Burke and Ms. Daly, along with two teachers from the Junior School, taking two children from the Senior School to Italy in December. We are currently looking for two suitable students from the 4th, 5th or 6th classes. Children who would like to work on the project and travel to Italy in December are asked to complete the on-line form below before Friday 18th October. All of the details for the trip are not finalised yet. However, parents/guardians of children chosen by the school will have an opportunity to meet with Ms. Burke, Ms. Daly and Mr. Tunney to discuss every aspect of the trip. The following information is available at this point. The children will:

  • travel to Italy with Ms. Daly and Ms. Burke on Wednesday 4th December and return on Sunday 8th December
  • be required to have parent/guardian consent
  • not be required to pay for flights
  • attend classes in a primary school in Italy
  • stay with an Italian family along with, at least, one teacher from Presentation Senior School
  • have a valid passport
  • be required to assist Ms. Burke and  Ms. Daly with work relating to the project e.g prepare presentations/videos about our school
  • be required to have their own spending money for the trip


For further information in relation to Comenius, please watch the short video below and/or click on this link –

Comenius Project 2013