Meeting Dale Threadwell in Mullingar Library

“I liked his books because they were really interesting. My favourite book was Harry the Hedgehog. I learned about bats. I thought bats were blind. I saw a real life stick insect. “ Lily Morgan, 3rd class

“I liked when he read us stories about hedgehogs and many other animals because they were very interesting. I learned that bats can see.” Kelsey Martin, 3rd class

“I liked Harry the hedgehog story because it was funny. I held a stick insect in my hand. “ Gary Newcombe , 3rd  class

“I liked when Dale was reading a book, he was funny.” Maciej Kryzy

“I learnt about Harry the Hedgehog , they eat insects and frogs and I saw pictures of bats. “ Claudio Miguel Cunha

“I liked the way he did the sounds of the Hedgehog speaking and it was so good that I would watch it again.” Brigita Strelskautaite

“I learned that bats follow their echoes, and that butterflies have different colours on their wings.” Maureen McCarthy

“I liked the bugs he showed us. I liked them because they were interesting. I learned that bats come out in the dark, I thought they were blind but they actually aren’t” Rugile Ragauskaite

“I liked when I got to hold the stick insect. I learned that bats make a funny sound.” Abi Walsh

“I liked when Dale let us hold the bugs. I liked holding the bugs because it felt weird! I learned that bats are not blind and that they follow sound. I want to learn more about bats and robins.“ Alex McCormack