School Life

Presentation Convent Junior School is a Junior co-educational Catholic school catering for pupils from Junior Infants to Second class situated right in the centre of Mullingar. We currently have an enrolment of almost three hundred children. We are within walking distance of many facilities in the town such as the tennis courts, swimming pool, library, fire station and the Royal Canal which we use as part of school life.

Here at Presentation Convent Junior our goal is to foster a love of learning in all our children as they are individually supported by an experienced team of educators in Early Years learning. Building on children’s previous experience, learning opportunities and activities are provided for the children in line with curriculum developments with their individual learning needs at the centre of the learning process. At the heart of our Junior School programme is a hands-on active playful approach to learning as children master and develop new skills while developing their self-confidence and learning process.

We have a large hall and play area, garden area and sensory rooms for the children with lots of equipment and resources to make learning fun and interactive. Our classrooms are well resourced with literacy and numeracy resources, digital technology, and lots of toys!! We have a fantastic team of experienced educators and in partnership parents we strive to ensure that all children achieves their individual potential. We have lots of opportunities for the children to try out GAA, Athletics, Swimming, Karate, Tennis,Rugby, Basketball and Yoga as part of the school day.

Our school is managed by our Board of Management, and we also have a very active Parents Association.

Our school day begins at 8.50am. Junior and Senior Infants finish at 1.30pm and First and Second Class finish at 2.30pm.

School Lunches

As part of a Department of Education initiative to provide hot lunches to schools the children at Presentation convent Junior receive a hot lunch daily. Our current supplier is The Lunch Bag offering many healthy choices for the children. The process involves downloading the Lunch Bag app to your phone, you will receive an access code for your child, and you can change lunch options. Please ensure you change your child’s lunch options. You will need to pack a drink and small healthy snack also. More information on the Lunch Bag at the link

Aladdin Connect

At Presentation Convent Junior we use a communication platform called Aladdin Connect. This allows the school to send text messages and emails to you. For parents you can send a message to the school if your child is not in school, check you child’s weekly homework and update your contact details. You will need to download the Aladdin App to your phone and we will send you your own unique log in details.

IXL Maths Login


Please keep up-to date with our school news. We are aiming to translate each newsletter into a  different language each time-all help is greatly appreciated.


Martin and Erla (above) are delighted to show you our school uniform and Winnie Mae and Martin Anthony our school tracksuit. The crested jumper can be purchased in Tots Paradise or Uniform Boutique-all other items can be purchased in most stores locally. The shirt/polo shirt is blue and the trousers/skirt are navy, footwear to be black shoes/runners. When it is warm children can wear a plain white polo shirt/navy shorts -no logos please.

We have a school tracksuit for PE. This is available to purchase from the school office.

All uniforms must be neat, clean and in good condition. Hair must be neat, clean and well groomed. If hair is long it must be tied back neatly. The school tracksuit and runners may be worn on P.E. activity days only. Children should attach name-tags/labels to all items of clothing and other personal belongings. The school reserves the right to decide what is becoming in dress and appearance for students enrolled. The highest standard of personal appearance is expected at all times.

ASD Class

At Presentation Convent Junior we have one school age class for children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, our Sunshine Room, providing individualised ASD specific learning experiences allowing for the development of the child at their own pace.

There is one teacher and two Additional Needs Assistants in the class with a maximum of six children. The class has individual work stations, group work stations and access to our sensory room providing learning experiences and activities to deliver a needs based curriculum with individual targets and goals. Children from our Sunshine Room are afforded many opportunities for inclusion in our school activities and mainstream classroom as appropriate.

To apply for our ASD class your child must have a written report identifying diagnosis of Autism from a psychologist recommending a special class placement in a mainstream class setting dated within the year of application.

Speech and Language Class

Our Speech and Language Class is a special class for children with speech and/or language difficulties. The placement may be for one or two years. In the class, there are a maximum of seven children and one teacher. The children receive speech and language therapy from our Speech and Language therapist at school one day a week. The children in the class follow the mainstream curriculum.

A speech and language therapist will tell you if a language class placement may be recommended for your child. If you consent, the therapist will put your child forward as a candidate for the language class. There are entry criteria for the classes. The school’s board of management grants the places after an Admissions Meeting.